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BEMER Therapy
Boosts Blood Flow, Benefits the Body's Cardiac System, Regenerative Abilities and Even Mental Activity.

BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. BEMER uses PEMF technology (pulsed electromagnetic field) as a vehicle to deliver a specific pulsed therapy that increases circulation in the small blood vessels (capillary beds), which make up about 75% of our circulatory system. Increase in vascular circulation, at a cellular level, helps to better deliver nutrients and oxygen more efficiently.

How BEMER Helps
General Enhanced Circulation/Blood Flow
Enhances Nutrient Supply and Waste Disposal
Enhances Cardiac Function
Enhances Physical Fitness, Endurance, Strength and Energy Level
Enhances Concentration, Mental Acuity, Stress Reduction and Relaxation

BEMER Therapy Can Be Used To Complement All Methods Of Conventional Medicine And Naturopathy.
BEMER Pricing and Packages
$30 BEMER Therapy
$25 BEMER Applicator Treatment (B.Spot or B.Pad)
$20 BEMER Skin Therapy Treatment

B.Mat & B.Pad Whole Body Circulation Package  
10 Sessions for $150
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BEMER Therapy boosts the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity. Just two 8-minute sessions per day are needed to improve your circulation. It is that easy to enhance your physical well-being.
B.Spot / B.Pad Targeted Therapy Package 
10 Sessions for $120
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B.Spot and B.Pad are intensive application modules for small areas and individual parts of the body. This selective and targeted therapy and is beneficial for acute issues.

B.Light Skin Therapy Package 
10 Sessions for $100
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The B.Light diodes generate a mononchromatic, non-coherent, photo-biological red light. This results in the formation of additional high-energy bonds in the skin and connective tissue cells. This complementary therapy for skin diseases, wound disorders and cosmetic purposes such as wrinkles, scars and brown spots. The effect of B.Light is comparable to the effect of soft laser therapy.

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You can optimize the effect of the BEMER Therapy by applying a few tips prior to your therapy session:
1. Avoid tight or restrictive clothing
2. No tea, coffee or caffeine before the application
3. No smoking after the application
4. Drink a large glass of good quality still water before and after the application. You should drink around 2 liters in total throughout the course of the day.

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