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 "Active Chiropractic is one of the best chiropractor offices I have been to. The office is serene, attractive and inviting. Catalina and the rest of the staff are always friendly and do their best to make you comfortable. Dr. Milnes demonstrates superior knowledge and talks you through continuing care at home through stretch and movement, not just in office adjustments. The iQ Impulse machine for adjustments is amazing. Dr. Milnes use of this machine shows that he is on the cutting edge of the industry. At first I did not think I would like the non-manual adjustments and really wanted the relief that can come from a few cracks and pops, but the iQ Impulse machine works much differently and after a couple of treatments the relief was much longer lasting, plus it is far more gentle. I am very pleased that I moved back to Clearwater and use Dr. Milnes as my chiropractor.- Doug

"Incredible doctor, Dr Milnes will keep your body in the condition it should be in, 'pain free'. You need to do your part of course by exercising and therapy when needed, but that should go without saying. The staff is the best in the industry too. I can't say enough about Dr Milnes, he is the best."- Judy B.

"What an amazing place! Wonderful professionalism and you actually feel like they care about your well being and future comfort! Highly recommend this place!"- JENNIFER M.

"I found Active Chiropractic on a Google search then Yelp. I've had this type of therapy before but this[Impulse iQ] has a feedback technique that was new and it work very well. I would tell a friend who was thinking to see Dr. Milnes to try him, he will help you. You have nothing to lose, but health to gain! Dr. Milnes is very much attune to my needs. He listens extrememly closely."- Barry

"I was looking for something different that a regular chiropractor. I found this website telling about the Impulse iQ adjustments. I feel so much better. If someone told me that this really worked, I ould have tried it earlier. It's amazing! I would tell a friend that never tried the Impulse iQ to give it a try, they will be happy with the outcome. After coing to Active Chiropractic I feel back to my regular self. I love it!"- Anonymous

Active Chiropractic provides unmatched chiropractic care. Dr. Milnes and his staff always put their patients needs first. They take the time to provide individualized care and treatment for all of their patients. I have been a patient of Dr. Milnes for almost 3 years and I would recommend them to anyone in need of chiropractic services.-Asher

Active Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is hands down the best!! Dr. Milnes and his staff are not only concerned with their patient's health, but they genuinely care for them as people as well!! Dr. Milnes always explains everything he does in an informative and non-condecending way!! His staff goes above and beyond to make the road to recovery a little smoother!! You guys rock!! -Renee Corkran

Absolutely FANTASTIC place to go for aches and pains! The office Staff at Active Chiropractic is very professional and makes you feel welcome. Dr. Milnes is great at taking the time to answer questions and addressing your concerns. I have nothing but good experiences with their office and will go no where else for my Chiropractic needs!-Nicole

 Dr. Milnes takes time to listen to his patients and always looks for ways to improve your health. You can't go wrong with Dr. Milnes. -Stacy

Active Chiropractic is not only a place to go for great adjustments. It is more of a family environment when I go they make me feel so comfortable. Dr. Milnes is the best Dr. I have ever known he is more than a Dr. he is also a good friend. I have grown so close to them and feels as if I've known them all my life I LOVE MY ACTIVE CHIROPRACTIC FAMILY...THANK YOU FOR MY PROGRESS!- Tanisha

This is just a quick note to say THANK YOU! I came to you last year, migraine's, back pain, can't stand for a long time ect. I had to take a job in the bank because I couldn't stand the pain being in the bar business. I've tried everything short of taking medications to ease my pain, I did chiropractic, massage therapy & acupuncture. Nothing seemed to work. at least work for an extended period. When you showed me the activator I laughed. I thought this can't possibly work. You know what, IT DOES!!! I have had maybe 2 migraine's in a year and for someone who had close to 3-4 per week, wow! and I am now back in the business I love and making 3-4 times the money I made sitting in a bank. I can't say enough about the activator, since it pops everything back in place and it seems to keep it there which is more than I can say for the way it used to be with the Dr's hands. And you also know what's wrong with me without me even telling you which proves to me you really know what your doing. So I just wanted to say keep up the good work and I would tell anyone who will listen try Dr Milnes he IS THE BEST!!!!!
Thank you so much!
-Ann G.

In the Spring of 2007, I fell backwards 4 feet from a grass banking onto my blacktop driveway which despite treatment in the UK continued to give me back pain and discomfort.
In October I had a Replacement Left Hip Procedure which I assumed would alleviate my back pain. Unfortunately the pain persisted and was aggravated further by the journey to Florida in December 2007.
After my wife saw Dr. Marcus D. Milnes (Chiropractic Physician) advert, she suggested that I should make an appointment for an examination and possible treatment program.
The decision has resulted in a radical improvement in my mobility. From entering the USA late December with a walking stick, meeting Dr. Marcus Milnes in February, here we are at the beginning of April with the back pain cured, the Hip flexibility practically resolved and my now being able to walk 5 miles each morning, swim, ride a bicycle and also play tennis.
He voluntarily suggested a reduction in the number and frequency of visits based on both my improvement and exercise regimes. He proposed home exercise with a Medicine Ball and walking across the swimming pool to improve the muscles affected by scar tissue from my Hip procedure.
Grateful thanks to Marcus and his staff. Wish I could take him home to England.
-Stanley Ayres

I had been experiencing a great deal of work related stress in my life. I came to Dr. Milnes and felt completely confident in his ability to give me the care I needed. One of the many things I appreciate about Dr. Milnes is his attention to detail. He never lets me leave until I am satisfied with my treatment. Many times he has personally contacted me the day after to follow up on how I am feeling. He is very personable and always listens to my concerns. I would recommend him to anyone and I have.

When I first went into Active Chiropractic, I was experiencing neck pain where I had to take numerous doses of Ibuprofen daily, I was having a horrible time sleeping, and my quality of life due to this was not that of a normal person my age (30).
I remember being a little skeptical of the 'Activator Method' when I first went in, but like most tools it is only as good (or as bad) as the person using it. Dr. Milnes has proven to be exceptional and I will never forget that first morning after being treated where I woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in years. With a year of experience and significant life changes, I can say that I feel his chosen method is much more of a science than the manual adjustments of most chiropractors and the long term effects are far superior.
I have been to chiropractors before, but none have improved the quality of my life in the way that Dr. Milnes has. I now feel better day in and day out. I am able to focus better at work (which has assisted me in a relatively large promotion). My energy level has increased and I now am able to go to the gym every day instead of feeling exhausted when I get home. I am also able to return to my passion riding and training horses competitively. I feel like I can achieve goals that just a year ago I never would've felt were possible due to the pain (constant medication), lack of restful sleep, and inability to focus and have the attention to detail necessary for functioning at a higher level at work Dr. Milnes and his staff are very caring individuals that I hold in the highest regard. They have earned my respect for their professionalism, competence, community awareness, and genuine concern for what is best for their patients. They come with my highest recommendation and I will continue to be a long time patient. Even my recent move (putting me an hours drive away) has not deterred my loyalty their office. I gladly drive the distance to continue my new found higher quality of life.

-Karen S.

I have had lower back pain for the last 9 years due to a car accident and driving a tractor trailer for 12 to 15 hours daily. I also workout and like to lift heavy weights. I went to see Dr. Milnes after I couldn't take the pain anymore and was not able to stand up straight. Not only did he relieve my pain, I am stronger and able to do exercises I couldn't do when I was 10 years younger! I swear by chiropractic care, and he is the best by far since I have been getting treatment for over 10 years.

I have been a patient of Dr. Milnes since he opened his practice. He has taken care of myself and my husband, who has had arthritis for over twenty years. Dr. Milnes is personable, caring, and treats the whole patient, not only the symptoms. He has helped me through a bout of sudden vertigo, doing research to alleviate it. He offers topical pain-relieving products in his office, which also offers massage therapy as part of the treatment plan.
-Gayle Robinson

I have been a patient of Dr. Milnes since Sept. 2007 after receiving his card at a Teacher's Back to School event. I went to see if he might offer some relief with my ongoing aches and pains related to MS and Psoriatic Arthritis. Dr. Milnes listened to me and my concerns. He made adjustments that provided relief and he allowed me to determine how often I needed to go back an see him for additional adjustments. He was also great about sharing additional information he came across and was always learning new ways and techniques to help myself and other patients. He is definite a doctor that listens to his patients and wants to help each and every one of them.

This past summer, I was in a car accident and he was able to determine whether I experienced any new trauma or if my aches were more of the same old thing. He was able to give me some exercises to work on between adjustments. I would highly recommend Dr. Milnes and his entire staff. His staff is dedicated to his practice and all the patients they assist.

-Stacy Schroer

I was in need of a chiropractor when I came across the number for Dr. Marcus Milnes. The receptionist who answered my call was very efficient, nice and courteous.  I made an appointment and on my first treatment I was given a new technology treatment, and was very impressed. After treatment I felt no soreness or dizziness like I experienced with manual manipulation. I would recommend the iQ Impulse to everyone who is in need of chiropractic treatment.

A satisfied patient! -Mary Bramer

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